Conscientious experienced CNC operators take pride in their equipment, parts and products they produce.

The company’s standing and reputation as a supplier of high quality machined parts for almost 40 years continues to be achieved from our top down requirement for excellence.

Almost all of our equipment is CNC and is programmed, set up and run by our operators meaning the correct tolerance and finish can be achieved first time.


We operate a full range of multi access milling machines. Particular emphasis is placed on precision in spiral milling and intricate requirements, pocket milling for equipment such as one off intervention tooling and various subsea components, manifold blocks, stabplates, torque tools, subsea control modules and hydraulic and electronic components.

Down Hole Well Bore

Down hole well bore clean up equipment is machined and bristled in our recently commissioned insertion tool enabling the offer of a turnkey operation.


We undertake keyway broaching and adhoc supply and repair of shafts and worn equipment.


At Wilkie Engineering we have the capability of turning large diameter materials such as 3" round bar and the ability to take a 6" and 3.5 meter length. We welcome large one off special tools or large batch small components in our automatic bar feed unit.

Precision Machining - CNC Wire Cut EDM

Parts and precision machining, machining of fine gears (helical, spur etc.), fine machining of fiber nozzles by using a fine wire, machining of difficult-to-cut materials and special materials, experimental machining etc.

  • Part machining for plastic die
  • Aluminium extrusion die
  • Punch machining
  • Automatic expanded machining
  • Micro machining
  • Part machining
  • EDM electrode forming
  • Involute gear machining
  • Taper machining
  • Press die