Over the past four decades Wilkie Engineering has grown to become a trusted partner in specialist engineering, machining and fabrication service to major oil operators and their contractors.

From our humble beginnings in 1976, the family business has taken a steady and systematic approach to developing our people, premises, equipment, operating systems and ultimately our services.

Situated on a 10 year old manufacturing site, Wilkie Engineering was originally a traditional Blacksmiths shop. David Wilkie acquired the site in 1976 and embraced the local business which was, and still is, a major part of the community. David had plans and aspirations to do more precise engineering and started the journey investing and building on the solid reputation we are known for. His engineering prowess and acceptance of nothing but quality are hallmarks of the business as it is today.

Paramount to our success is our 22-strong highly skilled, conscientious and motivated workforce who are dedicated to continued improvement in process and technology. We pride ourselves on a focused and friendly approach, over the years building long-term relationships and mutual respect in many sectors such as Marine, ROV, Oceanographic, Waste Management, Aerospace and Motorsport.